FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to hike?

There are a few essentials you need for day hiking:

1. Navigation (Map, Compass/GPS)

2. Sun protection (Sunscreen, Lip balm, Sunglasses)

3. Insulation (Jacket, Vest, Pants/Shorts, Hat)

4. Nutrition (Snacks or Meals)

5. Hydration (Water)

6. First-aid supplies (First-aid Kit)

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Where are good hiking trails around L.A.?

Some good hikes are around LA are Malibu State Park, Los Liones Trail to Parker Mesa, Hollywood Sign Trail, Mount Baldy, Santa Anita Canyon, and Runyon Canyon.

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What are the best times to hike?

I highly recommend leaving early to enjoy the cooler temperatures and to beat the crowd. Try to avoid hiking later in the evening, usually some trails are closed around sunset and depending on where you hike, it can be dangerous to venture out at night.

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